Community Service Volunteering

Volunteers seeking to complete mandated Community Service hours for school, court or other reasons are welcome to join us at our Habitat  ReStore.

Habitat for Humanity Anchorage will not accept court-ordered community service participants convicted for any of the following:

  • Any form of theft, i.e. burglary, larceny, petty theft, coercion, fraud, forgery, etc.
  • Any violent crime, i.e. assault, domestic violence, etc.
  • Any convictions of an offense of a sexual nature

This is not an exhaustive list and Habitat Anchorage reserves the right to refuse any participants with charges that conflict with the organization’s mission or vision.

Steps to Sign-Up for Community Service

  1. Sign up on our ReStore Volunteer Calendar.
  2. Complete all required paperwork.
  3. Serve with us and complete your hours.

All community service participants must agree to and sign our  Community Service Agreement